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Sabbath School Retreat (Annual)

Our second annual Hit The Mark Spiritual Summit in September was phenomenal! Thanks in large part to the financial contributions of individuals like you in a very short space of time, we had an unforgettable, Holy Spirit-led weekend experience together. Nearly 200 people attended from all over the country, and when it ended, there was unanimous consensus to have this for a third year - which was always the plan, but if anyone had a doubt of what God would do during our time together, it's been eradicated.

We already have a team that has begun planning our 2024 event. We're taking everything we learned from the past two experiences and all of the feedback we got from the participants to make this weekend even bigger and more enriching than before! 

Reaching our target goal will allow us to cover the following costs:
  • Meeting Rooms (3 Days): These will not only accommodate our live Hit The Mark Sabbath School experience but also our worship, study, and activity sessions.
  • Food & Dining Hall: We had five fabulous meals in our last summit and we're going to keep the bar set high!
  • Activities:  Off-site planned activities.
  • ​Logistics & Setup: There are numerous additional expenses such as transportation for our panelists, AV rental costs, onsite tech support, and more.

Testimonials About The Summit

"It felt like mini camp meeting. So wonderful. Loved song service, especially the old hymns we use to sing before praise teams." - Laura Rasch
"From the registration to the last goodbye, I was truly blessed. I saw what unity and real Christian fellowship looked like. I know the Holy Spirit was there with us! Praise God!" - Letha Walls
"Each speaker's message went perfectly with the speaker before or after them. Everything was relatable and timely, fellowship was beautiful, each song even fit perfectly. The welcome-home feeling you get when being amongst everyone though you only see them via online or perhaps just once before was such a beautiful experience.  I really didn’t think anything could’ve been improved on your part from last year, yet you did anyway!" - Yolonda Ivey
"The atmosphere was conducive to those who desired to learn more about God’s word, who when inspired by the Holy Spirit were obedient to God’s directions." - Ken & Carolyn Brandon 
"Loved meeting the HTM team who was very warm. Love the presenters 'content, meeting others who enjoy HTM's ministry, and the intimacy of the group size. We were extremely blessed. Felt like we were with family." 
"The devotionals from the panelists, Sabbath's message, the testimonies, the food, was an overall wonderful experience. Excellence job of planning and execution by your team!" 
"The testimonies of those in attendance were amazing and a real highlight. The impact that HTM has on so many is moving. We enjoyed everything about the Summit and were especially pleased to meet Esther Rodriguez and several other classmates. It was a beautiful event and even better than Year 1 (didn't think that was possible) in our opinion." Eric & Kristal Johnson
"I enjoyed the fellowship with one another, with people we have not seen since the last Summit. The singing, the  Sabbath school, and the worship message on Provison. We are family, and it was a Awesome weekend." - Lauren Gold
"Both content and delivery were excellent. Highlights included individual team members' contributions and Luther's and Nancy's piano artistry." - Myron Ottley
"Sabbath service was inspiring, testimonies from so many, people traveling from so far to attend was a standout for me. It showed the impact of Hit the Mark in our lives. Meeting and making new friends was also a highlight!" 
"The fellowship...everyone was so excited about being there. Seeing people from last year...reunion. People who came from so far! The testimonies were encouraging. Each speaker Hit The Mark, all the music ministries were outstanding, the overall spiritual climate was above and beyond, and everything was enjoyable and inspiring. Already looking forward to next year! 
"Being able to experience Hit the Mark Sabbath school in-person was very impactful. The praise and testimony segments on Sabbath morning and Sunday morning were inspiring. I'm still blown away by the fact that people traveled from London, England to attend this; it speaks volumes of the impact of this ministry. The  special music was wonderful, the discussions were so heart was lifted with the reminder that God is and continues to be involved in the smallest details of my life." - Lydia Gilbert-McClain 
"Each HTM speaker's spotlight message was wonderfully delivered and focused and inspiring. It was a well-planned summit that kept all of us engaged. The priceless fellowship of believers allowed a deeper insight of our Ephesians study. Providence! 😊" BJ Harris
"We had a wonderful, spiritual experience. I needed it, post-COVID. The fellowship was wonderful (but short), if we had a week, we would have enjoyed it even more!  Thank you all so very much for your hard work and dedication & for making it look effortless. The gift bags were fantastic! 😄" - Carôle Ceres
"The Sabbath school panel and their messages were powerful message. The fellowship of meeting my sisters and brothers, who study online with me was extraordinary as well!" 
"The closeness of a family feeling - God was in that place. The leaders did not act like they were on a higher level/status than the guests and spent time with guests. We were ALL learning together, and the testimonies and sharing time were amazing!" 


Hit The Mark Online Expansion

We've been blessed to get thousands of views of our Hit The Mark Sabbath School broadcast every week with no marketing or promotion whatsoever. But since online Sabbath School is here to stay, we feel the burning responsibility of getting more proactive and intentional with increasing the reach of our broadcast with social media promotion strategies, bi-weekly newsletter emails, and other methods of digital growth so that we can better fulfill Christ's Great Commission to spread this gospel message to the ends of the earth.

Live & Virtual Sabbath School Training Programs (Quarterly)

By God's grace, Hit The Mark has experienced massive online engagement as a worldwide broadcast. For over a decade, Curtis Hall has provided invaluable training to Sabbath School departments all over the world, and with the onset of virtual classes due to the pandemic, he has delivered impactful online webinars teaching Sabbath School administrators, facilitators, and enthusiasts the secrets to delivering massive impact in Sabbath School, whether in-person or online. But he's only scratched the surface!

Hit The Mark SS ON LOCATION (Quarterly)

Each quarter, the Hit The Mark panel will lead out Sabbath School live at a church near you! You'll be able to fellowship with us the entire Sabbath, including lunch and an afternoon event, and experience our class in an even more engaging environment than our traditional online setting.


Those who are able to contribute a donation of $250 or more will receive a 20 x 20 canvas painting of their choice from Curtis Hall Art.
Thank you in advance for your support of this ministry!


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